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Volunteering at JoyRide Center is a rewarding and fun experience! Share in the joys of therapeutic riding by helping people with special abilities in your community today.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of JoyRide Center. They assist riders, help take care of horses, maintain the barn, build beautiful gardens, photograph special events, raise funds for important programs, and serve on the Board of Directors. Without the collective effort and skills of these dedicated and hardworking volunteers, JoyRide Center would simply not exist. We are grateful to all who give JoyRide Center their time, energy, and talent.

Please view JoyRide Center’s Volunteer Manual and complete the Volunteer Registration & Release Forms and the Commitment Sheet. The forms may be emailed to volunteer@joyridecenter.org, brought with you to Volunteer Training or mailed to the JoyRide mailing address.

What volunteer opportunities are available at JoyRide?

SIDEWALKERS: Volunteers who walk beside our clients as they ride to assist with balance and to reinforce the instructor’s directions. Sidewalkers are directly responsible for the client and are those who normally get the most hands-on duties in therapeutic riding. As such, they have the capability to either enhance or detract from the lesson. The sidewalker’s job is to help the instructor challenge the client to stretch, grow and develop to his or her fullest potential. No experience working with horses needed.

HORSE HANDLERS: Volunteers who are directly responsible for the horse. The horse handler must also be aware of the client, instructor, sidewalkers and any potential hazards in or around the arena. A good handler can provide real therapeutic input to the client, as well as make it safe for him or her to have fun riding. Prior horse experience is necessary. Volunteers will work with the horses from the ground, not be asked to ride.

OTHER: There are many other areas in which you can assist JoyRide that do not involve working in the arena with our clients, such as grooming and tacking horses or helping at special events and fundraisers.

Nothing you contribute is too small; every bit makes a difference.

What are the requirements to be a JoyRide volunteer?

Arena volunteers must be at least 14-years-old and physically able to walk for an entire lesson, jog for short distances and support a modest weight. Regular attendance is vital to our program. Attending a Training session is also required.

What kind of commitment is required?

Arena volunteers can volunteer for as little as 1 hour per week or as much as desired. JoyRide has 15-16 week fall and spring semesters and a 7 week summer semester. We’d love to have as much support as you can give during the semesters by signing up for one of our different levels of commitment:

Regular Volunteer – a volunteer who can commit to volunteer one full semester. Most people volunteer for 2-3 hours, one day a week.  However, you may volunteer for as little as one hour per week up to as many days and hours as you wish based on the needs of the schedule.

Team Volunteer – a volunteer who partners with another volunteer to fill 1 volunteer spot for the full semester. This allows for more flexibility as volunteers can take “half & half” of the semester or alternate weeks. Team volunteers can coordinate with each other to fill-in for their team member’s absences. Team Volunteers help create consistency for the clients by having familiar faces when their is a substitute.

Substitute Volunteer a volunteer who will be asked on an as needed basis to fill in for regulars who are unable to volunteer at their assigned time. You may sign up as a regular volunteer or team volunteer AND still be a substitute on other days or times. You will receive an email each week (as necessary) listing volunteer needs for the following week.  Just RSVP to the email if you are available to sub at any of the listed days and times.

How do I sign-up to become a JoyRide volunteer?

Currently, JoyRide offers classes Tuesday through Friday in the mornings and afternoons, and Tuesday & Thursday evenings. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, or submit your request by completing the form below:




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