Our Programs

JoyRide offers 3 programs that help people with different abilities find more joy in life through equine- assisted activities and therapies, along with functional/life skills education.

These programs are:

  1. Therapeutic Riding
  2. Hippotherapy
  3. JRC Prep

Benefits of Our Programs Can Include:

♥ Improving muscle tone and coordination
♥ Improving gross and fine motor skills
♥ Experiencing the 3-dimensional movement of the horse, which is similar to a person’s normal walking gait and cannot be duplicated in a clinical setting
♥ Enhancing balance and posture
♥ Stimulating the cardiovascular system and promoting wellness
♥ Building self-esteem and confidence
♥ Developing a meaningful relationship with the volunteers and horse
♥ Channeling negative or hyperactive behavior into constructive activity
♥ Increasing ability to follow directions and developing sequencing abilities
♥ Improving memory and organizational skills
♥ Improving ability to perform activities of daily living


JoyRide Center Therapeutic Riding Program are 45-75 minute sessions that include both mounted and un-mounted activities. The lessons focus on education and developmental skills that can include pre-riding skills, motor planning, communication, educational readiness and social skills. Horses are a significant part of the team and motivate riders to new levels of development and independence. Click to go to the Therapeutic Riding page.


JoyRide Center offers therapy using hippotherapy as a strategy by licensed therapists affiliated with the American Hippotherapy Association. This therapy focuses on functional rehabilitative skills such as postural control, motor coordination, gait improvements, communication, cognitive skills, and psychosocial activities. Click to go to the Hippotherapy page.


Our newest program is our Functional Day Habilitation Program, JRC Prep. It is a unique blend of functional academics and vocational training integrated into a worksite. Our students assist in all aspects of managing a small horse farm, including providing horse care, indoor and outdoor facility maintenance, and completing office tasks. They cook meals and run a small business in which they make several products. Our primary emphasis is on the development of personal independence and employability skills that will enable our students to become productive members of their communities. Click to go to the JRC Prep page.