JoyRide Center offers Physical Therapy Services that focus on functional rehabilitative skills such as posture control, motor coordination, gait improvements, communication, cognitive skills and psychosocial activities. Hippotherapy sessions are 1:1 instruction taught by a licensed physical therapist. Sessions are 45 minutes to include therapy on and off the horse. These sessions include activities that provide improvements in static and dynamic balance, gait, motor planning, educational readiness and interpersonal skills. Another unique characteristic at JoyRide Center is the value of the therapeutic team, which includes the horse, volunteers and staff, all working together to enhance the quality of the client’s session. Horses significantly enhance therapy outcomes based on their unique movements and their unconditional acceptance.


JoyRide Center offers therapy using hippotherapy as a strategy by licensed therapists affiliated with the American Hippotherapy Association. This therapy focuses on functional rehabilitative skills such as postural control, motor coordination, gait improvements, communication, cognitive skills, and psychosocial activities. JoyRide provides a truly unique and natural setting to achieve maximum therapy outcomes.

The therapist works one-on-one with the client for approximately 45 minutes to include therapy on and off the horse. Therapeutic exercises on the horse provide improvements in static and dynamic balance, gait, motor planning, educational readiness, and interpersonal skills. Another unique characteristic at JoyRide is the value of the therapeutic team, which includes the volunteers, staff and horse. Horses significantly enhance therapeutic outcomes based on their unique movements and their fun personalities.


All class schedules are subject to change.

Spring and Fall semesters:

  • Tuesdays: 9:00 AM-7:30 PM
  • Wednesdays: 9:00 AM-5:30 PM
  • Thursdays: 9:00 AM-5:30 PM
  • Fridays: 9:00 AM-12:30 PM

Summer semester:

  • Mondays: 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Tuesdays: 9:00 AM-12:30 PM
  • Wednesdays: 9:00 AM-12:30 PM
  • Thursdays: 9:00 AM-12:30 PM
  • Fridays: 9:00 AM-12:30 PM

Semesters: JoyRide offers spring, summer and fall semesters which vary in length. Calendars are available at the center and on our website.

Summer Semester Option: Active Riding Program and JRC Prep clients may choose to take the summer off without losing their place in the fall semester as long as: a) all updated paperwork, including medical forms, is received in the JRC office by Paperwork Renewal Date and b) any outstanding tuition payment is paid in full by Paperwork Renewal Date

If active clients choose to take the summer off, these limited number of SUMMER ONLY spots are made available for new clients on the waiting list. A new client who gets into a summer only spot has no guarantee that they will be able to continue in the fall.

Client Qualifications

  • Clients must be at least 3 years of age and have emerging head and neck control.
  • To reduce the risk of injury to clients, volunteers and horses, weight guidelines have been established. Please refer to the Client Guidelines in the Client Packet.
  • Please review the attached list of precautions and contraindications (found on the cover letter to your health care provider). If the individual has one or more of these conditions, therapeutic riding may not be recommended. Please contact our office (281-356-5900) if you have any questions or need additional information.

The client qualifications are subject to change.

If the client meets these initial criteria, please call our office and talk to an instructor before completing the enclosed forms. We have chosen to limit the number of clients that JoyRide will serve in order to keep a “family” feel to our program; therefore, there could be a waiting list. The instructor will let you know what the next step will be to become a JoyRider.

If you are instructed to go ahead and fill out the paperwork, please note that the “Client Medical History and Physician’s Statement” form must be completed and signed by your physician. All forms must be completed and returned before the client can be evaluated. Once the completed forms are received, we will contact you to set up an appointment for an evaluation.


Costs are subject to change.

Riding Program

• Evaluation Fee: $75…a one-time, non-refundable fee paid at the time of initial evaluation
• Administration Fee: $25… a yearly fee paid by all clients billed on your first month’s invoice, then again every January.
• Fall Semester (14 weeks):

75 min. lessons- $60, $840/semester
60 min. lessons- $55, $770/semester
45 min. lessons- $50, $700/semester

• Summer Semester (7 weeks): all lessons 45 minutes, $50-$350/semester
• Spring Semester (16 weeks):

75 min. lessons- $60, $960/semester
60 min. lessons- $55, $880/semester
45 min. lessons- $50, $800/semester

Would you like to apply to the program?

At JoyRide Center, our emphasis is not on the number of clients served, rather on maintaining the highest quality of services that we can provide. Our clients tell us that coming to JoyRide is much more than just a therapy session. We pride ourselves on providing a family style atmosphere where clients and their families can make new friends, spend time with old friends and also experience the benefits of the unique therapy we provide. To accomplish this goal, JoyRide keeps its rider numbers at a manageable level in order to keep the program’s main focus on the clients. This does limit the number of clients we can serve. New clients will enter the program in the order that complete paperwork is received and when an appropriate opening is available. To become a client, please do the following:

To become a client, please do the following:

  1. Print and complete the attached Client Packet
  2. Have all 3 Physician Forms completed by the appropriate Health Care Provider (Dear Health Care Provider, Client Medical History/Physician’s Statement, Prescription -if applicable)
  3. Return all pages to JoyRide by mail, fax or email to dblackmon@joyridecenter.org.


New Riding Program clients must be evaluated by one of our therapists or instructors before being accepted into the program. Upon receipt of all required paperwork, you will be contacted to schedule an evaluation. After the evaluation, you will be advised of any appropriate open class times in the current semester schedule. Acceptance into the program is always dependent upon the availability of volunteers and appropriate horses.

Please contact Debbie Blackmon, Director of Operations, 281-356-5900, if you have any questions concerning this process. We joyfully look forward to working with you!
Mail or fax forms to:

JoyRide Center, Inc.
New Client Registration
29550 Tudor Way
Magnolia, TX 77355
Fax 281-356-5901

Download a Client Packet

Please read the information in the Client Packet carefully and return the completed forms including: Client Registration/ Release, Client Goals/ Skills/ Health History, JoyRide Seizure Information, JoyRide Class Availability Fall & Spring Semesters, Client Medical History and Physician’s Statement, Prescription for Physical or Occupational Therapy, Getting to Know You, It Take a Village (or a Barnful!!), and JoyRide Competition/ Horse Show Opportunities if applicable.

The client packet is subject to change.

Click here for your CLIENT PACKET.


Medicaid Waiver Tuition Payments: If you have Medicaid Waiver funding through a service provider (i.e. Scoggins, Astrocare, REACH), we can contract with that provider to offer services. Please be advised that if, for any reason, the client loses service eligibility or the funder refuses to pay for services, the client family will be responsible for payment. JoyRide can only bill the service provider for days that you receive services; therefore, if you are absent, JoyRide does not get paid even though all the horses still have to eat and the bills still need to be paid. We base our budget on a certain number of clients riding per semester, so extensive absences can negatively affect our ability to fund the entire program. If a client whose tuition is paid by a service provider is absent more than 3 times per semester, we will have to assess if we can continue to serve them in our program. Some service providers do not cover the yearly $25 administrative fee; therefore, it may need to be paid by the client families.

Class Cancellations: We make every attempt not to interrupt the semester with class cancellations; however, occasionally classes need to be cancelled due to instructor illness, horse shortage or dangerous weather conditions. We will call you at the number you have designated on your registration form in the event of a class cancellation.

Indoor Lessons: If riding outdoors is not possible, indoor lessons will take place. A curriculum has been developed to create purposeful, fun and educational indoor lessons that address each rider’s individual goals. If the weather permits, these lessons may even involve horse interactions on the ground. We are fortunate to have dynamic riding simulator equipment in our therapy room to provide the benefit of the horse’s movement even if we can’t ride outside. At this time, no Absence Fee will be charged to families who choose not to participate in indoor lessons. Your instructor will call the number you have designated to inform you if class will be held indoors.

Paperwork: The following paperwork is required for Riding Program clients and must be renewed annually during June and July regardless of when you enter the program. 1. Registration/Release/Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment 2. Client Goals/Skills/Health History 3. Client Medical History and Physician’s Statement – to be filled out and signed by physician 4. Prescription for Physical or Occupational Therapy – to be filled out and signed by a physician for therapy clients only 5. JoyRide Class Availability 6. JoyRide Seizure Information

Attendance: All Riding Program clients should sign in each week by placing a check in the Client Attendance Book under the date. When you register for a semester, volunteers, horses and staff are assigned and look forward to working with you each week. If you are unable to make your class time, please give us at least 24 hours notice. If you know of dates you will be absent, place an “A” in the Client Attendance Book for that date and inform your instructor. For last minute cancellations, call your instructor or the JoyRide office at 281-356-5900. When a client does not show up for his lesson, volunteers who were assigned to work with them become discouraged and may drop out. This jeopardizes the entire program. Three absences within one semester without notice (denoted by an “X” in the attendance book) may result in being dropped from the schedule.

Illness: We want to keep everyone healthy; therefore, the client should not attend unless he/she has been fever- free with no vomiting or diarrhea for at least the past 24 hours.

Medical Leave: Medical leave may be applied to clients who are absent due to a hospital stay or a significant medical issue. The instructor will determine, on a case by case basis, if the absences are considered “Medical Leave”. Common illnesses and doctor’s appointments are not considered Medical Leave. Clients may have up to 4 consecutive absences for medical leave during a semester without losing their place in the program or being charged an Absence Fee. A new Client Medical History/Physician’s Statement form or a written release from your physician will be required in order to resume riding.

Long Term Medical Leave: Long Term Medical Leave is when a client is on medical leave for more than 4 consecutive classes. After the 4th absence, the client is offered 2 options:

Option 1. The client may request “Medical Tuition Assistance” to hold their place in the program. This means that the client is responsible for paying half of the tuition amount for each class missed over 4, and the other half is paid from the JoyRide Tuition Assistance Fund**.

**This option is only available if the Tuition Assistance program has adequate funds available.

Option 2. The client may choose to give up their place for the rest of the semester so it can be offered to someone on the waiting list. If they choose to give up their place but plan to return to the program in the next semester, they are placed at the top of the Returning Client Waiting List .

If a client has been on medical leave for more than 12 months, they are moved to the bottom of the Returning Client Waiting List and must be re-evaluated before returning to the program. Regular class fee will be charged for reevaluations. Extenuating circumstances may be handled on a case by case basis.

Clothing Requirements for Riding Program Clients: We encourage each client to have their own ASTM/SEI approved helmet (can be purchased at Charlotte’s Saddlery in Tomball, Tractor Supply or most tack shops). Please put your name in your helmet. Helmets are also available at JoyRide, if needed. Note that helmets should be replaced 5 years from manufacturing date or if they get damaged. Also: • Riding breeches, long pants or appropriate clothes for your class or the weather (Shorts may be worn when it is hot.) Please do not wear jeans with bling on the pockets- the bling tears up our leather saddles. Jeans should be comfortable to ride in – not too loose and not too tight. • Closed toe shoes or boots • Sunscreen, gloves, or jacket, as needed

Weight Guidelines: Maximum weight for riders is 200 lbs. to provide for the safety and comfort of our clients, volunteers and horses. .
Punctuality: It is important for a client to arrive approximately 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled class time in order to sign-in, check bulletin boards for announcements, put on your helmet and greet everyone.

Late Rider Policy: If a client is late for their scheduled lesson time, JoyRide cannot guarantee he/she will be able to ride. Once the lesson has begun, the instructor may not be able to leave the other riders to mount late arriving students. Horses will be untacked and volunteers released 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the class.

Parking: Clients may park on the concrete parking area opposite the covered arena.

Siblings: If siblings are in attendance with parents of clients participating in class, parents are responsible for the direct supervision of these children at all times. Noise and lots of activity can distract riders and horses.

Dogs: Due to insurance requirements, dogs are not permitted on the property during class times with the exception of service dogs.

Conduct at the Center: It is mandatory that everyone complies with all posted safety rules and abide by all posted off-limit areas. JoyRide is a no smoking facility and the use of drugs or alcohol on the property is strictly forbidden. Open carry of handguns is prohibited. Firearms or weapons must be secured and locked in your vehicle while on JoyRide property. No mistreatment, abuse or suggested abuse of any person or animal will be tolerated. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the premises.