Horseback Riding Therapy

2016 Joy Ride  Horseback Riding Therapy Video, A Parent’s Story

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We have the pleasure of sharing so many heart warming testimonials with you from our program.  Equine/horseback riding therapy can truly work miracles in the lives of our clients and we’re proud to share those heart warming stories with you.

“I heard about horseback riding therapy and it’s benefit to helping kids with their strength and balance and I was just hearing these amazing stories about developmental milestones being reached not long after the horseback riding therapy also I started doing an extensive search of the area and come across JoyRide and they had a place for Weston and so we were excited to be a part of it.  He was just turning three years old and he was still not walking.  He was almost walking, we’d been doing physical therapy for months.  We started horseback riding therapy and literally, that month he started walking on his own!    I saw such changes and such a benefit for him after last summer [starting JoyRide].
This facility is amazing.  It’s peaceful, it’s beautiful.  Everyone here is joyful, so the name is so suitable for the people that work here. It’s a place for people who don’t have a voice can play and participate in activities that are fun.”